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Elia Hohauser-Thatcher is the author of The Prophet’s Toothbrush, which was recently released by Finishing Line Press. He likes Russian Literature, dogs, gardening, and Chinese food. He currently lives in Ferndale, Michigan and is pursuing his PhD in Rhetoric & Composition at Wayne State University, where he teaches college writing. He also teaches creative writing in Detroit Public Schools as a Writer-in-Residence with InsideOut Literary Arts.

Elia received his MFA in Creative Writing from Chatham University, where he served as the Margaret Whitford Fellow.  He taught Creative Writing in Allegheny County Jail through Chatham’s Words Without Walls program and served as a reader for IDK Magazine, The Fourth River, and Autumn House Press.

His work has appeared in Great Lakes Review, The Maine Review, The Offbeat, Lunch, Fearsome Critters, The Detroit Socialist, Up North Lit, The Northridge Review, Gyroscope Review, Soul-Lit, Weatherbeaten Literature, Heron Tree, Around Poetry and in anthologies such as Secret Destinations, Weaving the Terrain and States of the Union. He received an honorable mention for the Laurie Mansell Reich Poetry Prize and was a finalist for the Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Prize.

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